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Accommodation and Support Services



The Homestay providers recommended by TAFE NSW are:

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International students have a number of accommodation options to choose from. You can stay with family and friends or alternatively use various rental accommodation options. The rental accommodation options include home stay, residential facilities in the nearby Western Sydney University (WSU) or renting on your own or sharing a house/ apartment.

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Renting on your own or sharing a House or Apartment

Renting on your own or sharing a house or apartment offers more independence than home stay or hostel accommodation. Furnished or unfurnished houses and apartments are available. In Western Sydney accommodation costs are cheaper than in the central Sydney area. You will usually need to provide your own furniture. In shared accommodation you share the costs for rent, food, telephone, electricity and gas, and help with the cleaning of the house or apartment. In shared accommodation you also have to do your own laundry, buy your own food, and cook your own meals.

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University of Western Sydney Accommodation

WSI international students can study and live in the one location if they stay at the UWS Residential Colleges at Penrith, Hawkesbury and Nirimba (Quaker’s Hill). These Residential Colleges are co- located with TAFE NSW Nepean, Richmond and Nirimba Colleges respectively. TAFE NSW students can apply to stay in the university furnished residential facilities and generally there are vacancies. No meals are included.

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Support Services

Western Sydney Institute provides a range of services to support international students. We have dedicated International Student Coordinators who understand the needs of international students. We also provide orientation details in advance so that you will know what to do to become familiar with the college, the rules and the systems.

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Study Help

International Student Coordinator

We understand that being a student is not just about learning. It's also about enjoying the experience of living in another country and making new friends. You will be given the name of your International Students Coordinator when you receive your offer letter for admission.

Your International Students Coordinator:

  • organises your orientation program
  • meets you when you arrive at your TAFE NSW Institute
  • answers questions about your studies
  • helps to solve your problems
  • helps you access other support services

The Institute acknowledges the special study needs of international students. If you would like extra help with your studies, tutorial support can help you with reading, essay writing and maths. See your College International Student Coordinator for further details.


At your orientation program you will be given information about other support services available to students. These include:

  • study skills programs
  • help with learning the English language
  • individual and group tutorials
  • counselling for study problems, exam anxiety, learning difficulties, or stress management
  • careers advice
  • help finding a job, resume writing and interview skills
  • counselling to help with relationships, homesickness, financial, legal and health issues, or any emergencies
  • information about community resources and government agencies

TAFEcard is your library card and gives you borrowing privileges at your campus, access to a range of online learning materials and links you with a network of more than 100 TAFE NSW libraries.

TAFE NSW libraries provide great resources for you

When you enrol with TAFE NSW, you receive a TAFEcard and access to many services to help you with your studies.

TAFEcard is your library card and gives you borrowing privileges at your campus, access to a range of online learning materials and links you with a network of more than 100 TAFE NSW libraries.

These include:

  • CDs, DVDs, videos and audiovisual material
  • e-books and e-journals
  • online and CD-ROM full-text journal databases
  • books and magazines
  • access to the internet for study and assignments
  • reference services and interlibrary loans
  • basic to advanced internet skills training sessions
  • access to computers with software packages used in TAFE NSW courses
  • individual and group study areas and rooms in the library
  • photocopying and printing services
  • reciprocal library services with other TAFE libraries across Australia

Counselling and Library Services


We also have professional counsellors to help with difficulties such as homesickness, study problems or other related problems.


Each College has a library where you can access computers and photocopiers and borrow books and other learning resources. You will have access to more than 100 TAFE NSW libraries.

Migration Seminar

A Migration Agent Seminar is held every year as part of our ongoing support to students studying in TAFE NSW –Western Sydney Institute Colleges.

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